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Industries who should consider upgrading their security!

Like many companies, security is important to you, which is why you made sure your business had a security system installed. But time has passed, and the security landscape has changed – criminals have become more sophisticated and so has the technology that should be protecting your business from them.

Organizations often become complacent, and only realize that their security system is no longer enough after a security breach.

If you work in one of the following three industries and haven’t taken a good look at your security system in some time, it may be time to consider an upgrade to ensure that both your organization and resources are protected.

1 - Retail Stores

If you own or manage a retail store of any type, you know all too well about the threats you face on a daily basis - employee theft, shoplifting, break-ins, vandalism and more.

While there was a time when CCTV and a lock and key were enough to deter criminals, this is no longer the case. Criminals are getting smarter which means that your security needs to as well.

By upgrading to verified audio or video, you can better protect your inventory and storefront from common crimes and help ensure that, if a crime does occur, the criminal is caught.

In addition, while traditional keys can be lost, stolen, copied, and locks can be picked, keyless entry through managed access control not only eliminates the majority of these concerns but also provide you with the option to manage which employees have access to which areas of your store at any given time. This is especially important if you are a high-end store with rare or valuable inventory.

2 - Professional Offices

Whether you run a small business, accounting practice, or medical office, your office is vulnerable - stolen cash and equipment, information theft, workplace violence and employee theft are all reasons that you need to consider updating your system.

While CCTV can record what is happening, most of these systems don’t have someone watching them, which means they are only useful for viewing the crime after it has been committed.

In addition, police are generally hesitant to dispatch officers to conventional alarms as they know most conventional alarms that go off are usually just false alarms.

Verified alarms, which use remote security monitoring, have changed the game and stopped criminals getting away with thousands of damaging crimes. In fact, the average police dispatch time to a Sonitrol verified alarms is just 3-4 minutes, giving the criminal little or no time do what they came to and get out of there.