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Customer Resource Guide 

Arming & Disarming

Keypad Arming & Disarming 

How To Arm & Disarm Your Keypad

printable guide 

How To Put System in Occupied Mode

printable guide 

How To Send Test Signal

Black Touchscreen Keypad Front Disarm.png

Touch Screen Keypad Full Guide

PDF Guide with YouTube links 
Arming & Disarming 
Communication Test
Arming Violations 
System Menu 
Printable Arm & Disarm Guide 
mySonitrol & Mobile App & Mobile App

Untitled design (16).png

Mobile App Overview

Click photo for Tutorial 

mySonitrol Overview

run reports.JPG
Run Reports 
add access level.JPG
add user.JPG
Create Access
Add & Delete
armed & disarmed.JPG
System Armed or Disarmed 

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Vigil Client Overview:  Saving Camera Views​

Video Credit: 3xLOGIC

Vigil Client Overview:  Using Quick Search and Instant Replay 

Video Credit: 3xLOGIC 

open file.JPG

Vigil Client Overview:  How To Export Recorded Video Guide 

 Click photo for printable download 

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