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Restaurant Security Tips

Restaurant Security Solutions

You’ll get complete security for your restaurant or grocery store from Sonitrol. We have protected restaurants and grocery stores since 1978 and offer tailored electronic security solutions to protect your building from vandalism or theft. We even have solutions to monitor cooler and freezer temperatures 24/7, alerting you immediately of any rise in temperature to protect your valuable inventory. From installing a restaurant's environmental monitoring system to enhancing a restaurant’s intrusion detection, we do it all.

Unsurpassed Expertise

Sonitrol’s security solutions are easy to use, allowing you to go online to grant or withdraw access to individuals, and view Sonitrol protects people and property by restricting unauthorized access during and after regular hours, by monitoring vulnerable areas of the building with cameras, and by preventing fire and water damage via smoke and temperature monitoring, live surveillance footage anytime, anywhere. We have teams ready to respond to your questions and concerns.

Customized Solutions To Fit Your Needs

Security Tips

Vendor Deliveries & Access Control: Adding access control to your restaurant can help eliminate false alarms caused by delivery personal. You will also be able to identify each delivery person and know when supplies are delivered. Provide each vendor with unique access credentials, so you can track deliveries and hold vendors accountable

Manage Multiple Sites: With our MySonitrol online portal you have the ability to make changes to your system anywhere or anytime. Add and delete users, run reports, and more. To add an extra level of protection and visibility to your businesses, you can also add our TotalGuard all in one cameras.

Cooler Temp Monitoring: Worried about your cooler temperatures? By adding temperature sensors to your coolers you will have peace of mind knowing we have you covered with 24/7 monitoring and can alert you any time their is an issue.

Fire Detection & Maintenance: Having multiple companies to deal with when it comes to fire detection can be costly and annoying. Sonitrol gives you an all-in-one fire detection service. We offer; installation, service, monitoring, and annual inspections.

24/7 monitoring station video surveillance system and possibly stop the action before it happens. we can not only ensure that the fire department is there as soon as possible but also that we can see who or what was involved when you combine it with our video surveillance and intrusion solutions.

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