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 " What was surprising to us was the amazingly professional way Mark Weisgerber handled the installation. Every time Mark came to our home he arrived exactly when promised, he had the proper equipment, he was respectful of us and our home, he was courteous and friendly, and he was very effective at resolving the issues that arose. The final result is that we have a new security system that operates in exactly the way that suits our lifestyle and personal preferences. This would have not been the case had Mark not been fully committed to this outcome from the time he first walked through our front door.

Sonitrol Customer

Charlotte, NC

I know you’re having your breakfast today but wanted to let you know that Charles did a great job for us in Greenville yesterday!  I can always count on you and your folks Bill. That hasn’t changed in 30 years and yes, It’s been that long! They don’t get enough credit from the customers. I'm just glad they’re on our team. Refreshing to get great customer service which seems to be in such short supply lately.


Mr. Bass

Greenville, SC

HopeWay, is a premier leader of mental health services by providing holistic care grounded in science, while building awareness and acceptance through education.  Here at HopeWay, we are making hope tangible by inspiring mental wellness for all and Sonitrol helps us feel safe and secure in our homelike environment.


Our near 53,000 square foot facility was purchased in late 2014.  We began renovations and construction in the Fall of 2015 and opened our doors to clients and families struggling in the Fall of 2016.  From the beginning, Sonitrol has been monitoring our facility.  There are many security companies out there today, but Sonitrol Team members treat your facility as if their own.  Their knowledge, customer care and support of all your needs, is what sets Sonitrol apart from others.   Their mySonitrol data base is user friendly and their App is extremely helpful when offsite.  Being able to log in from my mobile and monitor, adjust, and review items at our facility, is substantial.


Because HopeWay is a mental behavioral health facility and we’re in operation 24/7/365, receiving that 2am phone call from the members of Main Station Sonitrol is unnerving; yet, at the same time, it’s a relief to know that Sonitrol has eyes and ears on, at all times, even when I cannot.  As the Chief Operations Officer, safety and security are my number one concern for all clients and staff. I feel comfortable and confident knowing Sonitrol is on our side!


HopeWay Foundation

Charlotte, NC

“I don’t want a picture of the guy that broke into my store, I want to catch the guy. Our camera feeds go straight to the Sonitrol monitoring company, that gives us the edge. The way the bad guys are doing crime, they know after breaking in that they have a number of minutes before the police arrive. Thermal cameras with around-the-clock monitoring give us a timing edge, We’ve had numerous positive alarms, Sonitrol Carolinas confirms movement and calls the police. We were using regular video surveillance but it was no good at night. Thermal cameras are a great prevention tool. Gun stores are a high-priority target for crime, and we wanted the best system available. In the firearms industry, part of our licensing requirement is that we have to be responsible business people and not let any of these guns out of our store without proper vetting. We’ve got a huge responsibility to make sure these guns do not get into the wrong hands. We’re very satisfied with the current system. When the cameras trigger, I get the call too, and I can help prevent false alarms. We need to keep the false alarms to a minimum so we can help the police increase their effectiveness and efficiency. These thermal cameras are a great product, I can sleep at night knowing we’re protected, and that they’re not going to call me unless it’s important. Sonitrol Carolinas has saved me many a trip to the store at 3 am. "

Lary Hyatt

Charlotte, NC

"I would like to put in an extremely positive word about Darren Johnson in your Customer Support area. I have hit him with tons of questions the past year or so about everything we have installed at 2251, how it all hooks together, what we can do to save money, etc., and he has been great. He is very friendly and always does a good job of researching (if he doesn't already know the answer) and getting back to me very quickly " 

Sonitrol Customer

Charlotte, NC

I wanted to let you and Sonitrol know how pleased I am with our new alarm system. We have been customers of Sonitrol since 1988 and we have always been pleased with the level of service we have received. Today was no different. Tyler and Joe did an outstanding job installing our new system but just as important, they both were a pleasure to have in our home. They were so polite and eager to make sure to get everything placed where I would want it. I am so thankful for the time they spent explaining the system to me. They were extremely patient and did not leave until they were sure I had a good understanding of how to operate it. Companies are only as good as the people who represent them and you have two remarkable men in Tyler and Joe.

We look forward to many more years as Sonitrol customers.

Sonitrol Customer

Charlotte, NC

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