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Small Business Security Tips

Congratulations on starting your own business!

Whether you are in the business of providing a service to a customer or providing a product, there will always be a risk factor to consider: for both you and for your customers.

Here are a few suggestions to help keep your business safe and secure.

Entry Management: Keys can be expensive and unreliable when you don't know who has them. Take into consideration access control, that way you can see who is going in and out. You can also set a lock schedule to ensure you business is locked when it should be.

Video Surveillance: You can't be at your business 24/7 by adding video surveillance to your facility you have the ability to monitor your business. You can view live video to check in on your employees or pull recorded footage in case of theft or an incident.

Emergency Preparation: Set an emergency situation plan for your business and go over it with your employees. You should make plans for not only natural disasters but also theft, break-ins, and other situations. A simple solution to help in a theft or robbery situation is to add panic buttons under the desk.

Affordability: Starting a new business can be expensive and budgets are tight. You may think that it is not worth it to have a security system or that you will wait. Not having a security system could actually end up being more expensive then having one. Take into consideration what it would cost if someone broke in to your business and stole your computer or robed your cash drawer before making that decision.

With our new TotalGuard™ solution we have you covered with an affordable all-in-one solution.

The TotalGuard™ solution consists of Sonitrol multi-sensors. These devices are more than just a camera, they provides built-in features such as WiFi connectivity, motion, and audio detection, along with glass break analytics.

Additional features include the capability to control your system on your phone. You are able to arm and disarm your system and view your cameras. You can add an extra level of protection by tying it into an access control system or a panic button.

This device gives our monitoring station a verified alarm leading to less false alarms, a quicker police response and higher apprehension rates!

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