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Caught by Sonitrol

Early Tuesday morning one of our operators was able to assist in police apprehending someone that was going through cars at Williams Subaru. He first received a signal with video verification of someone driving through on 4/24 that he felt was suspicious. He and the customer decided that the operator would continue to monitor carefully but not send police yet. At about 12:30 AM after monitoring live Vigil cameras for a while, the operator saw someone on site and dispatched police. The person was still on site when police arrived and they were able to make an arrest! Below is a timeline of events.

11:35:42 PM Operator 1 received verified video of someone driving through the customer’s lot on Camera #4

11:37:29 PM Operator 1 discussed the video with Williams manager. They both agreed that the operator would continue to monitor carefully and would call back if he seen anything further

4/25/2018 Operator 1 from then on continued to watch the Vigil live video until he noticed someone going inside of cars on site

12:34:14AM Operator 2 called back the manager to let him know that they saw someone inside of a vehicle on site on camera #10. She did this while operator 1 was dispatching police.

12:34:26AM Operator 1 dispatched police with operator #5736. He described an individual on site that road in on a bicycle and said that he was going through vehicles on the lot. He was unsure of his race; he had on a toboggan type hat, and had a backpack on his back. Police arrived on site while Jeff was still on the phone with the police dispatch operator. Police arrived on scene while the individual was still on the property.

12:39:53AM Police dispatcher called back and spoke with the operators. He requested additional information so that officers on scene could locate the suspect.

12:41:07AM Operator 1 received a call from the manager who described a building that police may want to check to see if the intruder is hiding there.

12:46:41AM Operator 1 called the manager again and told him that it looked like on camera that officers had someone in custody.

12:48:30AM Operator 1 called back police dispatch. The dispatch operator said that they don’t normally give dispositions over the phone but the officers “are out with somebody”.

12:48:54AM Officer with CMPD (who was on site) called and spoke with operator 2. He wanted to determine for sure exactly which cars that Sonitrol seen the individual inside. He confirmed that the person was getting out of a white car on site when they pulled up on scene. He asked that Sonitrol send him video footage as evidence.

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