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Caught by Sonitrol

On Aug 22nd operators dispatched on two suspects breaking and entering into Powersports Of Greenville. Our operators reacted quickly and with the help of the Greenville County Sheriff's office we were able to apprehend the suspects. See the timeline of events below. Great Job Sonitrol Team!

Our sales team presenting certificates of appreciation to the greenville sheriff's department for a job well done

05:32 Operators dispatched on audio of voices and cracking sounds, along with glass break

05:36 Manager called in regarding the voicemail we left -- Operators advice him about the audio of crashing.

-- Manager advised no one should be on the premises and to give the police department additional information.

05:38 Operator called police department back with additional information

05:43 Operator called back police department to inform them that the individuals that that broke in were still in the building as they approached the scene and could still be on the premise. Police requested a key holder

05:47 Made the manager aware that the pd requested key holder and he advised he was in route ETA of 15 min.

05:48 Called back Police department and gave an update on key holders ETA

We received a call from the manager later yesterday morning confirming that they had apprehended 2 suspects.

Sonitrol Carolinas

815 Wood Ridge Center Dr. Charlotte, NC 28217


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