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Caught by Sonitrol

Wednesday night Greensboro Police and Sonitrol of Charlotte had an apprehension at Dillon Supply Company. Our operator was able to dispatch quickly when she received a door alarm and verified audio that someone was trying to break in the door. Police were able to make 1 arrest. We spoke with the owner who was happy with the arrest and said that there was no damage to their building. Way to go Central Station Team!

To learn more about how we can protect your Warehouse give us a call at 704-423-1111 or check out our Warehouse security solution industry page!

Robert Heavner and Jeff Debonzo of Sonitrol Raleigh were honored to present letters of commendation to two Winston-Salem Police Officers for the apprehension made Dillon Supply Company.

815 Wood Ridge Center Drive

Charlotte, NC 28217

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