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Security Concerns for Property Management Companies

We have worked with many property management companies over the years and have realized that most often they experience one or all of these problems:

  1. Not knowing who is going in and out of your buildings and who has access to get in

  2. Not being able to see what is going on at your buildings

  3. Not being able to view all your buildings in one spot

  4. Having to use multiple companies for fire device installation, monitoring, and inspections

  5. Having to wait weeks for service

At Sontirol we have a way to address these and help your business run smoother and safer

With our web based security management tool, mySonitrol, property managers have unprecedented flexibility and control to manage their security anytime and anywhere.

  • View and manage all of your locations from a single login

  • Have control to add & delete users

  • Ability to customize access control features

  • view live and recorded video from all your locations.

When it comes to fire detection services we are are your one stop solution we offer:

  • Installation

  • Monitoring

  • Inspections

  • Service

As a Sonitrol Full Service customer you are guaranteed priority service. This means that someone will be at your business within 24 hours of your request.

815 Wood Ridge Center Drive

Charlotte, NC 28217


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