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Property Management Security Tips

Multi-tenant office buildings face unique challenges and can be susceptible to danger. Unauthorized individuals are often free to enter and roam about. Do you know who has access to your building?

Property management companies have a lot of responsibility when it comes to keeping their tenants and facilities safe and secure. Here are a few security tips to help you and your business.

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Security Tips

1. User And Entry Management

Having multiple properties with various tenants and needs for each building you can run into access issues. Keys can be expensive and unreliable when you don't know who has them. With Sonitrol access control you can have piece of mind knowing that only authorized users have access to enter your facility.

With our mySonitrol online platform you can manage all your properties in one place. You can add and edit users, change access levels, and set locking schedules any time and anywhere.

2. Tired Of Dealing With Multiple Vendors For All Your Needs:

You have enough on your plate managing multiple properties you don't need to deal with multiple vendors for your fire and security needs too.

With Sonitrol you can get everything you need from one company. We offer integrated solutions for intrusion detection, access control, and video surveillance. We not only install the equipment, we also provide 24/7 monitoring, and priority service for our customers. Sonitrol also gives you an all-in-one solution when it comes to fire detection. We offer; installation, service, monitoring, along with quarterly or annual inspections.

When you combine these solutions with our 24/7 monitoring station we can provide authorities with a Verified Alarm. This leads to faster response, lower false alarms, and more apprehensions.

3. Viewing Your Properties:

Video technology can be a powerful deterrent to both external and internal theft. It can also provide evidence and help protect you from false slip-and-fall claims, vandalism, and more.

It can be a pain dealing with multiple camera vendors and viewing platforms. With our video surveillance solutions you will have the ability to view all of your properties in one site.