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Church Security Tips

Your organization does tremendous good for the community you serve. It's no secret that churches have been targets for horrific active shooter incidents, burglaries, fires, and more that threatens your ability to carry out your mission. Sonitrol provides integrated security solutions specifically tailored to the needs of faith-based organizations. Lately it seems that shootings in place of worship are becoming more common. A place where you are supposed to feel safe has become a place of worry. At Sonitrol we want to help your church feel safe and secure. At Sonitrol of the Carolinas we work with around 100 Churches, here are a few tips we have learned along the way!

If you are wanting to learn more or are interested in a complimentary security consultation, give us a call at 704-423-111.

Security Tips


1: User & Entry Management:

  • Sonitrol access control is great for churches especially when you want to have your facility available to your congregation anytime of the day but you also want to make sure that only authorized guest have access to enter your facility.

  • Keys can be expensive and unreliable when you don't know who has them. With Sonitrol access control and our mySonitrol management platform you can be sure that the correct people have access to facility along and control when they have access.


  • Churches are prone to theft, from cash in the giving plate, to the food & equipment in the kitchen. With our video surveillance systems we can help you see who is stealing and what they are stealing. We offer multiple camera options and solutions depending on what your needs are.

3: Child Care:

  • Our access control technology can restrict unauthorized access, to vulnerable areas such as childcare rooms

  • Panic buttons also add an extra level of security from unwanted guest. Especially with children you never know who might try to come through those doors.

4: Fire

  • Having multiple companies to deal with when it comes to fire protection can be costly and annoying. Sonitrol gives you an all-in-one fire detection service. We offer; installation, service, monitoring, and annual inspections.

  • 24/7 monitoring station video surveillance system and possibly stop the action before it happens. we can not only ensure that the fire department is there as soon as possible but also that we can see who or what was involved when you combine it with our video surveillance and intrusion solutions.

5: Active Shooter

  • Doing an Active shooter training program training with your staff and congregation is always a great idea.

  • Active shooters in church situations usually come in from the back since everyone is facing forward and looking at the pastor that way they can come in un noticed. Having panic buttons under the podium and in key points around the church can help pastors and members alert our monitoring station and the authorities while staying calm during an intruder situation

  • Combining our access control with video surveillance and 24/7 monitoring station we can give your facility an extra set of eyes and alert the authorities if an unwanted guest tries to enter your facility without proper access.


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