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Catching Christmas Criminals

Our central station operators have been busy catching Christmas criminals, they had two apprehensions in the past week!

Friday, December 20th: Local Food Bank

12:17AM: Rcvd Audio from det 2, Dock OHD 1& 2

Called Security and spoke with the Sgt, he advised he would go out there.

12:32am: Called the Sgt. back and made him aware we are still getting audio, and that the operators pulled the cameras up and advised they see a suspect on-site, Sgt advised he was on his way to the property.

12:34am: Operator called Sgt.back and advised that the suspect on camera is going through a truck on-site, and we were going to go ahead and dispatch the police. He said he would meet them there.

12:34am: Dispatched police

1:28AM: Sgt. called back and advised CMPD found the suspect and arrested him for trespassing. They’ve secured the scene.

Tuesday, December 24th: Distribution Center

12:28am: Operator received Rear Warehouse Door

Dispatch instructions on this account state to call the call list before dispatching

12:39: Left Messages for everyone on the call list in regards to the rear warehouse door

1:09am: Operator started getting audio from the Conference area which sounded like a door closing

1:10am: Operator dispatched police on the verified audio. She was able to reach the manager who advised the building was supposed to be empty and they are closed for the next 2 days. Another keyholder met officers on-site, he called back and advised that CMPD has dogs on the scene because when officers arrived they believe to have seen the suspect.

3:46am: The keyholder called back to advise there was an apprehension.

Customer also updated his dispatch information to DISPATCH FIRST, then call customer

Our office has had over 22 apprehensions just this year! Way to go, team, thank you for all your hard work!

815 Wood Ridge Center Drive, Charlotte, NC 28217 I 704-423-1111 I

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