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Why Cell Backup?

What exactly is Cell Back-Up and do I need it for my security system? In at least 10% of all break-ins, telephone or broadband IP infrastructure cables are cut prior to entry. If a criminal cuts your communication line, he has in effect disabled your security system since most security systems communicate back to the monitoring center over a phone or IP line. Cellular back-up provides backup communication paths for the reporting of alarms in the event of a loss or cuts of your primary communication line. Sonitrol recommends that every alarm system be equipped with a cell back-up device.

How does cell back-up work?

When the communication line is cut, a signal is immediately sent to the Sonitrol Monitoring Center telling us that the phone line is down, at which point we will dispatch police. Too, because the cell back-up unit maintains constant communication with the Monitoring Center, Sonitrol is still able to monitor the facility, providing continuous information to the police department as to the intruder’s movements as they arrive on the scene.

It is important that you determine where your telephone or broadband IP infrastructure cables enter your building. If you have any exposed cables, take immediate steps to secure them. Don’t make the criminals’ job easy. As your security provider, our number one priority is to provide comprehensive security for your facility. We want to ensure that we can continue to provide cellular back-up to you going forward. In order to do so, we need to hear from you.

To learn more your local Sonitrol representative today!

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