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Sonitrol Safe Schools

School Alert - an innovative panic button solution

Sonitrol offers School Alert for increased school security and safety. This solution is specifically designed to meet the needs of schools and universities and it compliments Sonitrol's existing verified audio intrusion alarm, access control, video and fire monitoring solutions currently in use by over 12,000 school locations across North America.

The School Alert security solution consists of placing fixed emergency / panic buttons in common areas around the school and even in classrooms for maximum protection. School Alert can also include "wireless emergency buttons" carried by school administrators via lanyard or keychain that can be activated anywhere throughout the school.

When pressed, these panic / emergency buttons can activate the Sonitrol audio sensors, which are placed strategically throughout the school. Sonitrol's monitoring personnel can now hear events occurring in "real-time". Operators in turn relay exactly what is happening to responding law enforcement, providing critical details to ensure they are equipped with all the information they need to effectively handle the situation.

School Alert is one of the many proactive approached schools should take in protecting students and the faculty against school crime. Sonitrol's verified electronic security systems are designed to give schools comprehensive coverage without making students feel like they are walking into a prison.

Sonitrol has been protecting schools for over 50 years and its proven technology has helped law enforcement apprehend over 171,000 documented criminals since 1977. In a typical year, we see over 40% of those apprehensions occurring at schools.

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