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As many schools across the country are moving to remote learning to combat the spread of the Coronavirus COVID-19, Facility Managers and Security Officers are considering how best to secure their K-12 facilities from break-ins, thefts, and vandalism as they are closed for an extended period of time. We know our schools are full of valuable items such as computers, TVs and gym equipment and are 3x more likely to be burglarized than a business. Vandalism cost schools more than $1 billion a year.

Sonitrol is one of the largest security providers to K-12 schools across North America, and we proudly secure many schools in the Orlando, Florida market. Over the past week alone, Sonitrol has helped law enforcement apprehend six intruders in three different Orlando schools.

Orlando Elementary School Around 7:00 pm, our central station monitoring center received a door alarm as well as an impact activated audio alarm. The operator was able to listen in and verify from the audio that there was a valid threat, and the operator promptly dispatched police. When the police arrived on site, they apprehended two intruders.

Orlando High School Around 10:30 pm, alarm signals from a roof hatch and an impact activated audio alarm were received by our central station monitoring center. The operator was quickly able to verify that the sounds were threatening and dispatched police. The police later confirmed to us that they apprehended two intruders inside the building.

Orlando High School Around 9:30 pm, at a different Orlando area high school, our central station monitoring center received an impact activated audio alarm from a portable classroom on the school’s campus. The operator relayed the information to the police who were able to respond quickly and apprehend two intruders.

Tips for Keeping Schools Secure During Extended Closures The following are a few ideas for Facility and Security staff to make sure their buildings and campuses are secure during this time:

  • Review security policies and procedures during times of extended closure and actively communicate to staff

  • Test all security equipment to make sure it is operational

  • Update emergency call lists and passcodes with the security alarm provider

  • Make sure all doors and windows are locked, including remote buildings, sports facilities, and portable classrooms

  • Consider lowering blinds or covering windows so thieves cannot easily see inside

During this time of uncertainty and change, parents and school administrators can trust Sonitrol as their security provider and community partner. Leveraging our patented impact activated audio alarm verification technology, Sonitrol provides real-time information to law enforcement, increasing their safety and effectiveness when responding to incidents, reducing false alarms, and resulting in more than 180,000 criminal apprehensions to date.

Article by: Julie Beach – Vice President of Sonitrol

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