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Sonitrol's new TotalGuard™ protection offers economical all-in-one solution

When it comes to security, small- and mid-size business owners are often faced with the choice between a DIY self-monitored security system versus a professionally-monitored and verified system.

Let’s examine the differences.

While unmonitored security systems are less expensive than monitored systems, only monitored systems have highly-trained professionals to help look out for your business and respond to emergencies 24/7. Monitored security systems are actively monitored by a professional security company. When the system detects a break-in, fire, or other emergency, it notifies the Central Monitoring Station, which verifies the incident and notifies emergency responders.

One of the biggest advantages of a monitored system is business owners don’t have the burden of monitoring the system when away from the business. Leaving the monitoring to the professionals provides additional peace of mind.

Another advantage to monitored systems is the same company that monitors the system will install it. If a business owner isn’t mechanically inclined, having a professional set up the system may provide more confidence than a DIY installation.

Though unmonitored systems may sometimes be less expensive than monitored systems, to get the same amount of functionality, up-front costs may be higher. For example, a Nest programmable thermostat costs $250 up front.

Unmonitored systems won’t provide the same level of protection for a business, either. Even if the system links to the owner’s smartphone, there are times when nothing can be done about an alarm going off, like when aboard a plane, in an important meeting, or in an area without mobile phone reception.

Worse yet, is how difficult it can be to call 911 on your own. Did you know that when you call 911, your call is routed to the call center nearest you? If you don’t live in the same geographic area of your business or you are traveling, you won’t reach the proper 911 station, resulting in further delays in responding.

Sonitrol Carolinas talks to 911 operators every day. In an era where “swatting” is a popular prank that sends police and emergency response teams to another person’s address, your call may not be treated as trustworthy, further delaying the response time of police and emergency service personnel..

We are making it easier than ever for small and medium-size businesses to protect their employees, inventory, and assets with the introduction of its new TotalGuard™ security system.

TotalGuard™ is an all-in-one solution that provides video verification, impact activated audio, glass break detection, wireless support, Sonitrol Mobile App (video surveillance, alarm events, arm/disarm system), and so much more.

It is a perfect solution for the small business market looking for a low cost monitored security option; allowing Sonitrol to compete and have advantage over the DIY security systems. This solution can also pair with Sonitrol’s Cloud Access Control for businesses looking for complete security solutions. With commercial property crime on the rise, TotalGuard™ can safeguard assets with its complete volumetric and video protection, while giving peace of mind knowing the solution is monitored by Sonitrol’s 24/7 Central Station.

When an alarm is triggered via audio, glass break or motion, the event details, along with real time streaming video and audio, are instantly sent to the Sonitrol of the Carolinas Central Station who can verify to police on the events taking place and determine the appropriate action. The Sonitrol solution results in faster police response times, averaging around 8 minutes; compared to 17 minutes with a security guard or 45 minutes for a non-verified alarm.

Click here to learn more about TotalGuard™ and other Sonitrol Carolinas products and services.

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