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Time To Upgrade?

Still dealing with headaches that come with your legacy system like unreliable and slow phone line connections and monthly costs? Upgrading your system to IP communication comes with several benefits, including integrating your system right into your existing internet connection! It’s that easy! Save long-term money, time and stress by upgrading your Sonitrol system to FlexIP or TotalGuard™

Benefits of a Sonitrol FlexIP compared to an older panel

  • Replacement parts readily available

  • Performance Warranty increased to $10K or $15k

  • No phone lines needed

  • Utilize your existing internet connection

  • Audio transmit time decreased from 15-60 seconds to 1-5 seconds

  • Remote arm/disarm on mobile app

  • Reduce Stress

  • Ability to arm/disarm using a key fob

  • Ability to add access control to the Sonitrol Intrusion System

  • Reduce false alarms caused by old or faulty equipment

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