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Why Remote Security Monitoring Beats Conventional CCTV Systems

Technology has changed many aspects of our lives in recent years, and that’s no different for the security of your business. Remote video monitoring provides huge benefits for business and property owners when compared with conventional alarm systems.

Conventional CCTV cameras, which are still used widely across America, merely record what’s going on. Sometimes these cameras are even watched by expensive on-site security guards that can barely keep their eyes open during their shift.

Most of these systems don’t have a human watching them live, however, and are only good for viewing crimes, such as theft and vandalism, after the incident has happened. By then it’s too late, the damage has already been done.

To make matters even worse, police are generally hesitant to dispatch officers to conventional alarms as they know most conventional alarms that go off are usually just false alarms. In fact, most criminals know that if the police do bother showing up to a conventional alarm they have at least 20 minutes to take what they want before they need to get out, meaning they merely act as a timer for experienced criminals.

Verified alarms, which use remote security monitoring, on the other hand, have changed the game and stopped criminals getting away with thousands of damaging crimes. In fact, the average police dispatch time to Sonitrol verified alarms is just 3-4 minutes.

So, what is remote security monitoring?

Remote CCTV monitoring is the process in which CCTV cameras are monitored remotely and simultaneously by trained security professionals that work in highly-sophisticated environments, using state-of-the-art and innovative technology.

Once an alarm is activated via audio detection, heat or motion sensors, a live stream is broadcast to the remote monitoring station and security professional is then tasked with either verifying that the alarm is indeed an intrusion or if it’s a false alarm.

Security professionals have complete control of the CCTV, with the ability to pan and zoom cameras in an out, switch to different cameras, and monitor the activity manually to know exactly what is happening.

If the alarm is false, such as an animal on the premise or an employee then the security professionals will not call the police. However, if it’s more serious the security professional will verify the intrusion and notify both the police and the business owner immediately.

Remote security monitoring stops crime before the damage occurs

Unlike its conventional CCTV counterpart, verified remote security monitoring helps to cut out the damage of theft before it occurs. With professionally trained eyes and ears constantly ensuring your business is protected, you can focus on what matter - improving the profitability of your organization.

Remote security monitoring helps to:

  • Reduce false alarm rates;

  • safeguard your employees;

  • protect your assets;

  • stop criminal damage and theft before it takes place;

  • mitigate any risks to your business;

  • and much more!

Why Sonitrol is the right choice for you

Sonitrol’s unique remotely monitored video, SonaVision, is the most renowned security solution for businesses on the market, and even seeing our name on a sign is enough to deter criminals since many know our name.

Once a criminal is detected on your premises, push video technology immediately sends video through to our operators to view, who then are able to verify the alarm and instantly contact police for dispatch.

Sonitrol is able to see what’s going on at your facility at any time, with monitoring stations using state-of-the-art technology to apprehend criminals, reduce false alarms, save lives and protect your assets.

We use verified criminal detection, managed access control and other components of a successful security solution to create a no obligations, no charge security plan that is specifically designed to the unique characteristics of your business and property.

Contact us today to find out how Sonitrol Western Canada’s security plans are the perfect solution for your needs.

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