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Caught by Sonitrol

Last night Sonitrol of the Carolinas had an apprehension at a construction site in Charlotte, NC. This site is monitored with a Sonavision Camera System. This system is set up to where our central station operators can monitor the cameras along with allowing the customer to be able to see them as well. The central station operator and the customer received notification that someone was on the site at 10:23 PM

Below is the chain of events that occurred last night.

Incident 1/14/2018

10:24:19PM Rodgers builders contact Charles called and spoke with the Sonitrol operator 1, he said that there was someone on site and needed police dispatched. the operator advised he was working to dispatch police

10:24:51PM Sonitrol operator 1 dispatched police

10:27:59PM Sonitrol operator 2 called Charles and asked if was meeting police, he said to just call him back if police needed someone to respond

10:29:10PM The Sonitrol operator 2 called Charles back and advised that police would like for him to meet with them across the street at Bi-Lo

10:38:44PM The Sonitrol operator 1 received a call back from police dispatch asking for an update

10:44:20PM Sonitrol operator 1 called back police dispatch and advised that police were in the wrong area and gave a description of the area where the suspect was seen

10:48:02PM Sonitrol operator 2 received a call from police asking for update on the location of the suspect

10:49:47PM Sonitrol operator 1 called Charles for update, and advised that police were having trouble locating where the suspect was located

11:15:38PM Sonitrol operator 2 called Charles for update; he said that they had a suspect in custody

815 Wood Ridge Center Drive

Charlotte, NC 28217


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