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  • Kaleigh Burton


Sonitrol Launches a Multi-Sensor Device With an Expanded Feature Set that Includes Glass Break Detection

INDIANAPOLIS - Sonitrol, the leader in verified electronic security, announces today that its Multi-Sensor device now incorporates edge-based glass break detection capabilities. Glass Break technology is critical in detecting those initial and important sounds of breaking glass, which is a common entry point for criminals. The initial alarm when verified with the devices’ internal camera and motion detector will minimize damage and losses. Now there is need of only one device for Glass Break detection, motion detection, video verification, video surveillance, and video storage.

“The Multi-sensor is easy to install and the Glass Break feature can be used alongside any Sonitrol intrusion panel, leaving no panel type behind,” said Julie Beach, Sonitrol’s VP of Sales & Marketing. “Sonitrol can now use a single device for Glass Break alarms, Hold-Up alarms, Motion alarms, Video Verification, end user video surveillance and much more.” Sonitrol provides analytic Glass Break detection for six different glass types, and for distances up to 25 feet away from the protected glass. The technology has a self-test feature, which confirms during the arming/disarming process that the device is capable of listening for and detecting breaking glass sounds. At the end of the day, Glass Break detection helps increases police response time, apprehend more criminals and minimize false alarms.

With an increasing number of municipalities charging fines for false police dispatches after even just one false alarm, this technology represents substantial long-term savings for Sonitrol customers. In combination with Sonitrol’s proven Video Verification, Sonitrol customers have some of the very best protection against false alarms and unnecessary police visits.

Glass Break detection can be enabled on previously installed VIGIL-equipped Multi-Sensor devices by simply downloading a license to the device via cloud services. The Multi-Sensor equipped with Glass Break detection is available October 2017.

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