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COVID-19 Update from Sonitrol Security

Dear Associates, Customers, Suppliers, and friends,

We are daily assessing the news of the COVID-19 virus and taking the recommended actions to ensure the safety and health of our Associates and any Guests that have recently visited our locations either in Charlotte or Greer, SC. We are requesting that all Guests, Suppliers and or Vendors call first for their appointed scheduled to drop off any product needed within our business. All other non-essential services will not be allowed within these areas for precautionary reasons related to the “social distancing” request.

In our office, we currently have our outside cleaning crew providing cleaning products and extra disinfectant three times per week to attempt to eliminate any virus that may be present on any surface knowing the virus life exposed to the elements is in the range of 10 – 14 days in length. Our Associates are likewise taking precautionary cleaning of their workspace and hands and face as recommended by the CDC. We are limiting the number of people in our Central Station to only direct Operations Associates. We are likewise asking our Service and Installation technicians to follow these practices and to call first before entering your worksite for their intended needs. We are likewise receiving instructions from our customers on their new practices to ensure we are abiding by their new standards. We are doing these practices while at the same time attempting to maintain as normal a workday as possible. We believe the next 14 days are critical to slowing the spread of the virus and will make this our new normal until advised otherwise.

Many customers and vendors currently contact our staff via phone, email and or through our Web portal. Please continue to make these outlets the primary form for contacting our Associates. We continue to operate as normal but with the prescribed distancing, separation, and concern for cleaning. Someone will be available to discuss your needs. We continue to discuss and plan for upcoming installations and will only change based on your new protocols, thus please call us as the situation changes daily.

This is truly a historic time and unfortunately difficult for many people. We stand ready to assist where possible but will continue to monitor and gauge the situation for further changes to ensure the safety and security of all involved. Many thanks for your support.

Thank you,

Wylie Fox

Sonitrol Security Services, Inc.

Charlotte NC / Greer, SC

Feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns

815 Wood Ridge Center Dr

Charlotte, NC 28217

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