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Meet Hannah!

Meet Hannah Hiland, she is one of our Central Station Operators here at Sonitrol of the Carolinas. She has been with Sonitrol for 9 months. When asked what a day in central station is like she says; There is no normal day in central station, everything is different

each day. its always busy with phone calls and activity. Her favorite thing about working for Sonitrol is the the people and she says;

"I am always impressed everyday with the technology that we use and how fast that it is growing and changing".

Hannah has had 2 apprehensions so far! A fun thing about her is that she enjoys singing for her church and the local homeless shelter. We are happy to have Hannah on our team!

“Hannah is a newer operator but has already shown to be a valuable part of our team. She always has her hand up when extra help is needed and is a great example of what it takes to uphold our high standard when it comes to delivering excellent customer service. We are lucky to have her and know that her future with Sonitrol is bright.” -Cristy Spencer, Central Station Manager

815 Wood Ridge Center Drive

Charlotte, NC 28217


Author: Ashley Gerthoffer, Marketing Coordinator

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