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Authorized Security Dealer 

Sonitrol builds a custom security solution for every home. If you want a full hardwired Sonitrol impact audio system or a wireless Honeywell system we have you covered.

Our experts monitor your home security 24/7 from our Central Station located of Billy Graham Parkway and are available to answer any questions you have around the clock.

Our intrusion detection system using sound technology provides wall-to-wall, floor-to-ceiling coverage and allows our Operators to hear break-ins as they occur. Our team reports real-time information to the police—often before a criminal can gain entry. Audio security when compared to common motion sensory systems gives you the added benefit of accuracy. For more information about our Lyric home solution click the box below! 

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Help protect what matters most, from anywhere

You have a professionally installed monitored security system for a reason — to help protect your family and home through quick response of emergency personnel in the event of a real break-in or fire. But having a security system and managing it are two different things. The Total Connect 2.0 app gives you mobile control and management of your security system and smart home devices.

Click the smart phone to take a "Test Drive" and learn more about TotalConnect 2.0

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