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Cloud Based Access Control

Gain Full Control Over Your Facility​

Our core offering, Sonitrol Managed Access, gives you full control over the movement of employees, visitors and contractors in your facility. Access cards give users access to authorized areas—there are no codes to remember, and multiple levels of access cards give you flexibility in authorizing access to sensitive areas within your building.

Sonitrol manages and monitors your system 24 hours a day from our Monitoring Centers. We keep a record of cardholders and generate entry and exit reports. If you wish, you can view time, attendance and scheduling reports; disarm a user's access card or assign access levels; program scheduled door locks/unlocks; and perform other management functions at our password-protected, secure user website, This web-based service also makes it easy to interact with our central station professionals at your convenience, 24/7.

Sonitrol Simplifies Security

Access control fully integrates with Sonitrol's Audio Detection system for maximum security. When an individual uses his or her access card to enter a door, the system automatically disarms the alarm. Similarly, the system can re-arm after a cardholder exits. It's virtually the end of user-triggered false alarms.

Two Powerful Brands Working Together

Sonitrol's Managed Access solution leverages the best-in-class HID iCLASS reader and prox technology.

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