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Holiday Security Tips

The most wonderful time of the year for many — including criminals — is upon us.

Police say crime rates spike between Thanksgiving and New Years as thieves target shoppers and businesses.

Police say not only do people tend to carry more cash around this time of the year, but thieves know that homes are full of gifts and business are closed.

Have you taken the necessary steps to secure your business for the holiday season?

Follow these security tips and best practices to keep your business safe during the holidays.

> Update us with your special holiday hours. Let us know if your hours have changed during the holidays so we won’t send you needless alerts.

> Make sure your call list is current. If the alarm sounds, make sure the correct people are contacted. Call our office to review who is on your call list today 704-423-1111 or send us an email

> Double Check your video system. If your have a video monitoring system, make sure that it is working properly before you close up for the holidays. If you don’t have a video monitoring system at the office today, read here why video is an important addition to your security system and give us a call for a free consultation.

> Reduce false alarms. Many businesses decorate to celebrate the holiday. Make sure that your decorations aren’t blocking your video cameras. If you have motion detectors, make sure no decorations are moving or could be moved when the heat comes on.

> Be on your guard. Seasonal employees are a must for many businesses during the holidays. An access control system can make sure only certain employees can access special areas. Access control also means it’s easy to give seasonal employees access to the building and terminate that access when the holiday rush is over.

> Test your system. We always recommend testing your system on a regular basis, including your panic buttons. Be sure to call us at 704-423-1111 before you begin testing your system so we don’t alert the authorities!

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