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Sonitrol's Audio Intrusion

In 1965-Bob Baxter invented the Sonitrol Audio Intrusion System! Now over 50 years later & is still the best verified security solution in the industry.

Bob, who developed an acoustic device to pinpoint the exact locations of termites and Al Cronk, a 17-year veteran of the Anderson Police Department in Indiana became partners. Al told Bob that as a police officer he had never actually caught a burglar in-progress because of an alarm system and was frustrated by the amount of false alarms that came with an alarm system. But he had an idea of how to do it. This idea lead to the development of the Sonitrol impact audio detector and verified security alarms were born.

This device is placed in the facility around points of entry. The audio detector will activate when it hears noise even when it is coming from outside of the building. So when an alarm is triggered, our monitoring professionals can actually listen to determine whether a break-in in progress is happening. This also allows them to be able to dispatch the police with a verified alarm before the criminal has even entered your facility.

The monitoring team can also determine if it is just a false alarm. If it is a false alarm, we simply reset the system without bothering you or the police, saving you hundreds of dollars a year in false alarm fines. Something that is not possible with a motion based alarm system.

Now over 50 years later this same technology is being used and has been implemented into our new multi-sensor. This device, gives customers an all-in-one solution, The TotalGuard™ Solution, which is equipped with not only our impact audio but also, video verification & glass break detection! So over the years the look has changed and we have made some improvements but the concept and application has stayed the same. Leading to over 178,000 documented on site apprehensions.

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