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Holiday Security Tips

It has been proven that theft increases drastically around the holiday season. To help keep your business and staff safe & secure, here are some security tips to keep in mind

  1. Make sure all of your Sonitrol Security equipment is working properly

  • ​Do a self test on your system, be sure to notify one of our central station operators at 704-423-5868 prior to you testing to avoid a dispatch to the police department.

  1. Make sure your call list and call instructions are up to date with our Central Station ​

  • Speak with your customer care representative or central station operator to go over your call list and instructions.

  1. Make Sure your Sonitrol Security signs are visible around your building

  • ​Posting a sign that says your store is secured by Sonitrol goes a long way to deterring people intent on ripping you off. They’ll be less likely to try anything.

  1. Have multiple employees on hand during opening and closing hours

  • ​Criminals tend to target businesses where a single person is responsible for closing the store and handling the money at the beginning or end of each work day.

  1. Ensure that your cameras are visible and working properly

  • Visible cameras make customers aware that they are being monitored and shoplifters are less likely to do anything. Cameras also prevent liability to businesses against a customer who may attempt to purposefully hurt themselves in order to seek legal actions.

  1. If you have access control on your building, verify that your access levels and card holders are accurate and up to date

  • ​You can ensure that these are correct contact your customer care representative or through mySonitrol

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