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Why is a Video Verified Security System Better?

There is a great deal of information and options to look at when buying a security system. One of the most important to understand is the difference between a conventional security system and a video verified security system.

A conventional security system will include motion sensors and glass break detectors only. What that means to you is that if your alarm is activated, the monitoring operator knows the alarm has been triggered but has no way of knowing what is happening at the site. They can't know if the alarm is false or real. So what do they do? They call you and ask what you want to do about it.

Why is a Video Verified Security System Better?

  1. Our Central Station operator can see the video of what triggered the alarm.

  2. The operator dispatches the police so you don't have to decide.

  3. Police dispatch is faster due to the elimination of call delays required for a non-verified alarm.

  4. Police response is faster to a verified alarm because they know it is not a false alarm.

  5. Reduces false alarms and false alarm fines.

Here is how it works with a video verified security system. Once an alarm signal is received, video of the event is automatically transmitted to the Central Station. Operators instantly view the video of the premises, before and after the alarm activation, and confirm the security breach. Once the alarm is verified, information is relayed to law enforcement, giving dispatchers a real-time, accurate assessment of the event. This results in a rapid response to your alarm!

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