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Sonitrol's Central Station

Did you know......Sonitrol of the Carolina's Central Station is located in Charlotte, NC and is approved for Underwriter’s Laboratory Mercantile, Burglary and Fire Signaling. We are equipped with the latest digital, internet, and cellular technology infrastructure to accommodate all signaling requirements in the market.

Our patented Impact Audio Intrusion systems as well as the latest in video analytic monitoring capabilities are processed 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year at our location in Charlotte. Our Central Station Operators are trained to respond to “verified” and digital alarms to all Police, Fire and Medic first responders. Sonitrol was an early contributor and sponsor of the PPVAR (Priority Verified Alarm Response) industry movement to enhance Police efforts in responding to live and verified crimes in progress.

Watch the video below to further understand the technology.

815 Wood Ridge Center Drive

Charlotte, NC 28217


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