Customer Spotlight Series: Carolina Sporting Arms

May 8, 2019


Tell Me about your business 

Carolina Sporting Arms is one of the Carolinas’ leading firearms dealers, with a broad selection of trusted products at a variety of prices for all types of sportsmen, collectors, law enforcement, and other firearms enthusiasts. We strive to create a safe and entertaining environment, while promoting firearm safety, responsibility, and proficiency.


How long have you been with Sonitrol?

Since 2013


What are your biggest security concerns?

We are a gun shop and Indoor range. We have lots of cool stuff that bad guys want. My biggest fear is having one of our guns stolen and used in a crime.


What do you like about Sonitrol?

Sonitrol uses audio sensors and monitors our camera system. When we have people even approach our facility after hours, Sonitrol alerts us and depending on the scenario, we can dispatch police. The Officers that come to our store, say they treat Sonitrol calls different because they know Sonitrol has confirmed the threat and the threat is real. The police waste no time in getting here because of the intel Sonitrol can give them.


What advice do you have for other business like yours when it comes to security?

My advice would be to use Sonitrol for the reasons I listed above. They are proactive in their monitoring. They can confirm threats versus nuisance alarms and the police treat a Sonitrol dispatch differently than other security companies’ calls



To learn more about Carolina Sporting Arms checkout their website


 815 Wood Ridge Center Drive 

Charlotte, NC 28217






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