Caught by Sonitrol

August 24, 2017




With the help of Charlotte Mecklenburg Police an apprehension was made early this morning. There was a suspect on the roof at Hyatt Gun early this morning.  Our operator dispatched police on a thermal camera activation and police were able to make an arrest. 


After speaking with Mr. Hyatt today who of course was pleased with the outcome. We  asked if there was anything that he needed and he said only for us to continue doing a great job.


Below is the chain of events that led to the apprehension. 


1:28:24 AM        Sonitrol operator received a Left Front Roof Thermal Camera alarm with verified video of an individual on the roof


1:29:52 AM        Sonitrol operator dispatched police 


1:30:04 AM       Another  Sonitrol operator contacted Mr. Hyatt and he said that he would pull his cameras to view them.  He said that as soon as he had more information he would go down and meet with officers at the site


1:36:20 AM        Sonitrol operator called back police and gave and update 


1:38:02 AM        Police called in and spoke with Sonitrol operator requesting additional description of the suspect


1:42:12 AM        Sonitrol operator called back police to provide update as to the location of the suspect


1:44:39 AM        Sonitrol operator called Larry Hyatt to give an update on what’s currently happening, Larry said that he will continue to stand by and to please keep him informed


1:51:22 AM        Sonitrol operator  received a call from Police dispatch requesting and update on the location of the suspect.  Police dispatcher also requested a runner to respond


1:54:16 AM        Sonitrol operator  called Larry Hyatt and advised police needed someone to meet them on site; Larry said that he would go


1:54:57 AM        Sonitrol operator called back police dispatch and gave key holder information


2:24:14 AM        Sonitrol operator called back police dispatch and advised that there was still someone on the roof.  The police dispatcher said that police were still on the roof and possibly had a suspect in custody


2:30:40 AM        Operator received a call from police dispatch requesting video footage


2:31:28 AM        Operator advised police dispatcher that he will need to contact an I.T. person for pull video footage


2:42:24 AM        Operator received a call from Larry Hyatt saying that there was also a break-in at a cleaners close by and to save any video recorded


2:48:46 AM        Sonitrol operator received a call from Larry Hyatt advising that he and police officers are entering the building


3:35:32 AM        Sonitrol operator called police to give update on the eta of video footage.  The dispatch operator gave confirmation at this time that there was one person arrested



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