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Case Study: Hyatt Gun

THE SOLUTION: Larry Hyatt chose Sonitrol to install thermal detectors to increase surveillance capability for his shop's perimeter and surrounding real estate. "The way the bad guys are doing crime, they know after breaking in that they have a number of minutes before the police arrive. Thermal detectors with around-the-clock monitoring give us the timing edge;' explained Hyatt.

THE BENEFITS: Since installation of their thermal detectors, Hyatt Guns has had a number of positive intrusion alarms. Sonitrol Carolinas, through 24/7 monitoring, confirms movement and calls the police. Previously, the gun store had a standard video surveillance system, "But it was no good at night. Thermal detectors are a great prevention tool: ‘Sonitrol thermal detectors keep false alarms to a minimum, which is essential in helping police increase their effectiveness and efficiency. The performance of thermal camera technology in preventing break-ins and significantly reducing false alarms has prompted Larry Hyatt to already consider expanding the areas he has under thermal surveillance.

THE PRODUCT: The Sonitrol Thermal Detector is an all-in-one solution with features such as embedded VIGIL Server software, edge-based recording and advanced analytics. The camera was designed with the integrator in mind, offering advanced features while enabling easy deployment and set-up using innovative QR code technology-all at a highly affordable price. Edge-based recording software and an advanced analytics engine eliminate the need for an onsite server.

Sonitrol Security

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