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Thinking About Eliminating Your Old Phone Line?

If you are thinking about eliminating your old phone line, you are not alone. Today, many people have found that telephone service over the Internet is a great way to save expenses and you do not need a phone line to have a security system.

If you are making the move away from a traditional phone line, talk to your security professional first. The security company or monitoring service needs to be aware of any changes made to your phone service. They can also advise you on the best alarm system communication method for your business or home.

The Electronic Security Association warns that, while these new communication technologies offer new features and benefits, they also have limitations and may not work with your security system. Bundled phone/internet/cable packages are especially attractive, but require caution when it comes to security systems. Most package providers fail to warn customers that the service may need to be configured specifically to provide a reliable connection to your monitoring center.

Communication is critical! If you want a security system with no phone line, you need a communication link between your alarm system and monitoring center in order for them to know when there's an alarm they need to respond to. Naturally, you want a communication link that is highly reliable. You also want a link that resists physical attack so an intruder can't simply slash the phone line and leave your system cut off from the alarm company.

There are many methods to choose from. Alarm systems can work with a number of different communication links, including traditional phone lines, cellular and Internet. No single one is the perfect choice for alarm systems. Each has its advantages and disadvantages.

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