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Live Break-In!
Watch a thief break into this equipment storage area!
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Service Station Hold-Up
Watch a hold up at a local service station
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Watch a smash and grab at a convenience
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Canada Verified News Broadcast
Canadian news broadcast showcasing Sonitrol's verified audio reputation with police enforcement agencies.
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CBS : Safe Schools, Fort Worth Texas
A Sonitrol system being used to spearhead a new security approach in a Fort Worth Texas school.
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Credit Union Break In
Sonitrol Bakersfield helps police respond quickly & effectively during a hold-up.
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FOX Florida School Vandalism
Sonitrol audio detection implemented in Florida schools to help deter vandals.
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FOX News Broadcast, Memphis
Business break-in's on Memphis Tennessee news broadcast.
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FOX News Orlando Broadcast
Orlando authorities able to catch vandals in the act through Sonitrol detection.
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School Break-In, ABC, Orlando
Sonitrol system detects sound of breaking glass to help apprehend suspects.
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Shoe Store Robbers
Another Sonitrol audio-detected crime stopped from going any further!
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Sonitrol on COPS
Sonitrol alarm system effectively detecting a break-in, and leading to the apprehension of the suspects.
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Warehouse Burglary
Warehouse installation of Sonitrol audio detection system helps to stop a wave of break-ins at this location.
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