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Sonitrol Security Systems are Trusted most by Police Departments

Sonitrol Security of Charlotte: Securing YOUR Industry

Sonitrol Security Services Understands what Today's
Businesses Are Up Against

Crime is rising. More than 700,000 commercial buildings were burglarized in 2005 and employee theft is estimated to exceed $10 billion a year. Fire and explosions cost businesses another $2.3 billion annually, and they kill or injure thousands of workers. Workplace violence, lawsuits and false insurance claims can also put a significant strain on your business and security resources.

Traditional security systems aren't doing the job. One out of four forced entries today are through unconventional entry points, so they circumvent conventional perimeter protection. What's more, more than 90 percent of alarms are false. False alarms take valuable law enforcement, fire and EMS personnel away from real emergencies and make your alarm system less credible - reducing response time. Many jurisdictions now levy fines for excessive false alarms - and a growing number won't respond without some form of alarm verification.

Sophisticated security tailored to the needs of your business

Sonitrol offers modular, scalable security solutions - including our unique audio detection and verification technology - for commercial, retail, and industrial applications. Our national network of professionals provides service to more than 100,000 customers across North America. For nearly 50 years we've built our reputation on meeting a broad spectrum of security requirements with quality service and unparalleled performance.